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Sadie's By The Sea





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At our beach resort, all of our rooms have an ocean view. Upstairs rooms are carpeted with a closed private balcony. Downstairs rooms have tiled floors and are perfect for wondering in and out to the pool and beach from your private patio.  Sadie's by the Sea is a comfortable, casual resort with all the amenities. Each room has a refrigerator, microwave oven, television with cable, telephone, air-conditioning, kettle, coffee pot, hair dryer and an iron, just in case you decide to be a little less casual.

The front desk rents cell phones and will gladly arrange for just about everything else you will need. We sell TOA cards for long distance calls from the room phones. Some rooms have wireless service, or you can easily pick it up poolside under our covered patio. We also provide a free terminal in the lobby.

We have deluxe rooms that include a sitting room. Some are joint rooms for groups or families



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