National Park

National Park

Among the most important features for the visitor to see is the American Samoa National Park. Be sure to make arrangements to visit the National Park. Take your camera and hiking gear.

Click here to visit the National Park Service website for the American Samoa National Park.

Click here to learn what Wikipedia has to say about the American Samoa National Park.

Picture of the Manuma courtesy NPS Tavita P. Togia

National Part Hiking

The National Park of American Samoa offers a variety of hikes for all abilities. Enjoy experiences that include tropical rainforests, beach walks, and steep panoramic vistas. Whether you need solitude, wildlife sightings, or are interested in history and culture, there is a hike for all interests. Checkout our Day Hikes brochure for more information and options throughout American Samoa's islands.

Day Hikes Brochure (PDF file)

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