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Featured Site: is our sister site with inter-active telephone directories, a large photo gallery and much more information on Pago Pago, American Samoa.

American Samoa Government

Federal Offices


  • - American Samoa Telecommunications Authority
  • - Cellphone and internet services and cable television.

Radio and Newspapers

  • - 93KHJ, American Samoa's No. 1 Hit Music Station
  • - Island 92, the station that belongs to you
  • - Samoa News, the local print news source of American Samoa.

Local Businesses

Fisheries and Canneries

  • Fishery Nation - Fisherynation was created for all fishermen of every region
  • StarKist- Corporate website for StarKist. You won't find much about American Samoa of this site.
  • Tri Marine - A multi-national fishing and canning company.

Water Sports

  • Pago Pago Marine Charter - Pago Pago Marine Charters is a business run by people who enjoy being out on the water and serving the needs of visitors to the wonderful islands of American Samoa.
  • Pago Pago Game Fishing Association - The Pago Pago Gamefishing Association was founded in 2003 by a group recreational anglers with a competive spirit and a desire to hold semi-organized competitions.
  • Marlin - A great article on Marlin fishing in American Samoa

Travel Information

  • is our sister site with inter-active telephone directories, a large photo gallery and much more information
  • American Samoa Travel Guide - South Pacific Organizer presentation on American Samoa.
  • Lonely Planet American Samoa - Some interesting information albeit a bit rambling and incomplete.
  • Trip Advisor American Samoa - Trip Advisor is a great service but their section on American Samoa leaves much to be desired. There are reviews of the various features such as hotels, restaurants and destinations.

Other Sites of Interest

For Your Health

  • - This site helps people quit smoking.
  • - This is the American Cancer Society where you will find many reasons to quit smoking.
  • Skin Cancer - This part of the American Cancer Society site discusses skin cancer, a much more common form of cancer.